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    Terms: rhythm, intoxication, repetition, exclusion of non-perspective pedestrians, coincidance, all to all, dispersed collectivity, collection, desire, h o o o o o o w w w w w l, joy acceleration, places of transparency, psychodata, social choreography

    This set is a second volume of my supermarket series. The first
    one is Romantic Lidl Collection (part 1 and part 2). Supermarkets
    fascinate me.
    Eurospin is the name of the discounter in Italy.
    Euro: -trance, -trash, -dance, -disco, -beat, -vision.
    Spin: verb
    : to draw out and twist fiber into yarn or thread
    : to turn or cause to turn or whirl round quickly.
    : to revolve rapidly : gyrate
    : to feel as if in a whirl : reel // my head is spinning
    : to plunge helplessly and out of control
    : to engage in spin control (as in politics)
    spin one’s wheels : to make futile efforts to achieve progress
    : spin up
    : spin down
    : unspin: control