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  1. 1. reworked garment, hand embroidery (2020)

    1. reworked garment, hand embroidery (2020)

    2. reworked garment, hand embroidery (2021)

    2. reworked garment, hand embroidery (2021)

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      1. reworked garment, hand embroidery (2020)

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      2. reworked garment, hand embroidery (2021)

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    reworked garments. hand embroidery

  2. The "Supermarket" series is the series that explores the themes of isolation, perseverance, and the human experience in the face of uncertainty and doubt.

  3. Supermarket series// 2017-2021

    1. Here is the excerpt about Beckett from the interview with Mladen Dolar (the author of Voice):

    “Take the The Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable. In the Beginning there is some sort of plot and some sort of characters. Then in the second novel you have just Malone, who is dying alone in his room and who is inventing stories as he is waiting for death. The space has shrunk, there is no more travel. And then you have the third novel, where you don’t even have this. You don’t even have a space, you don’t even have a character, you just have a voice. A voice which just rambles on and continues, and it doesn’t matter what it says in the end. It’s just the sheer thrust of perseverance, of persistence, which carries the whole thing. So just persist. You have to go on. And you know how this ends, it ends in the most beautiful way: “I must go on, I can’t go on, I will go on“.


    2.  The poem that i started in 2017, finished in 2020

    Get over inc./

    humble dreams of withdrawal
    silent types self-deluge
    get-over tracks
    and weightlessness.
    more difficult than ever before:
    not over but towards.
    opt out or turn.

    ideas and no deeds
    watching you watching me,
    fainting on a roller coaster
    and so on:
    can't go on go on
    can't go on go on

    3. Marc Augé:


    4. I used to live in Tottenham Hale in London in 2013-2015. The closest supermarket to me was Lidl. I knew its layout very well, a choreography through its space repeated many hundreds of times. After graduation I moved to Berlin, and the nearest shop to my new place was again Lidl. Same layout. When i went there first time I got that weird feeling for a moment: as if being hugged too affectionately by something familiar, a dizzying experience. I could dance around with my eyes closed.
    Romantic Lidl Collection (that is the first contribution to Supermarket series) was made when i used to spend a lot of time in this shop, a refuge for contemplation between my work and home, accompanied by various affects, decompressing, recalibrating. The most stable place in my world at that time.